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Yo. So I got this response from “Pickle” (cute name) at Twitter Support re: why some of our tweets aren’t showing up in the #346class12 search. Doesn’t really help our situation, but leaves us with what i see as 2 possible workarounds, 1. try and follow everyone in the class or 2. tweet using the class hashtag about your new blog post without linking to it, like what we’ve been doing. Laters.


Hi cook_QUT,

Thanks so much for your email. This article covers common reasons why some Tweets might not be found in search:

Please note that to provide the best possible search experience for all users, as well as due to resource constraints, not every Tweet will display in search results. We’re striving to include as many Tweets as possible while keeping search quality high.

Rest assured that your followers will still see all your Tweets and @mentions. The best course of action is to continue tweeting, retweeting and mentioning others to gain resonance amongst your followers so that search results are up to date for your account.

We really appreciate your feedback and I’ve reported it to our team for review.



Twitter Support


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2 responses to “Twitter Support Response”

  1. sukhshans says :

    From what I understand, a lot of factors can contribute to why the links are not appearing. The main reason could be that twitter has a “resource constraints” that it has to handle. Since new users or not so active users (like myself) could take away the resources, the solution from twitter could be to emit any links or media posted by such users.

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