The Enterprise 2.0 Survival Kit

As I work full-time and study part-time, I guess for me there are 2 things that are absolutely vital when considering which tools will assist my personal productivity.

  1. What do I have to do? (tasks)
  2. How long have I got to do it? (scheduling)

With just those two things in mind a myriad of options are available.

So what are these tasks? What’s involved in completing them? How can I track their progress? How can I schedule time to get them done? How can I track the amount of time it actually takes to get them done?

As I see it, each week I’ll need to:

  • Read as many blogs as I can
  • Research popular web 2.0 apps
  • Create my own blog posts
  • Comment on other’s blogs
  • Tweet about my discoveries

With specific reference to blogging, I tried a couple of different things to try and streamline the process of finding, reading, following and commenting. I’d heard about “Readability” so decided to give it a go, but found that it simply didn’t tick all those boxes. Basically, it wasn’t easy enough. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great little application and I will still use it outside of uni but it just doesn’t quite cut the mustard. On recommendation from Claire De Larringa’s blog post this week I thought I’d give RSS a go. But again, it creates another step, another site I need to go to and I’d have to take a further step if I wanted to comment on a blog. Boo. So lost for ideas I remembered that I downloaded the wordpress app last week, which I started playing around with it this morning… and wouldn’t ya know it….BAM. All the blogs I follow are right there. Can I comment on them? Damn right. This is like some kind of web2.0 ecstacy…

I guess I’ve no doubt that the following list will evolve over time, in fact I hope it does, especially the task creation and time tracking solutions. As I’m really not happy with the duplication of work that’s required in creating tasks in one and having to track their time in another. I’ll no doubt stop tracking my time all together if I don’t find a better solution, but for now these are what I consider to be my Enterprise 2.0 Survival Kit. What about you?

Research Websites:

Chrome Extensions
Mozilla Addons


WordPress – website and app


Toodledo – website and app

Time tracking:

Toggl – website and app


Twitter – website and app


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7 responses to “The Enterprise 2.0 Survival Kit”

  1. PrapatW says :

    I don’t have much time either and I use the WordPress App to take a glimpse of what happen in my blog or what blog I follow. However, as I need time to read and follow through many link in the blog, I can’t really do that with my mobile phone as the screen size is small. It would take long to type reply too. If I get a tablet I think this App will work just fine so I still think it’s a nice App to have.


    Prapat W.

    • andrewdcook says :

      haha, i really want an excuse to get a tablet too, maybe i’ll borrow your reasoning 🙂 What kind of phone have you got? i find typing on my iPhone really intuitive, so much so that i sometimes prefer it. Saying that i’m sitting here with my laptop!

      • PrapatW says :

        I’m comfortable with typing with my Galaxy phone however, I’m typing a lot faster with my computer. Maybe I just like bigger screen size when I want to do something important like writing my blog.


        Prapat W.

  2. shaungoossens says :

    Hi Andrew,
    Awesome post, i had a quick look at the wordpress ap before but i had no idea it was so much more advanced than that!
    – Shaun

    • andrewdcook says :

      Hey thanks Shaun, i had no idea how powerful it was either and as i’m not always near my computer i’ve a feeling it will come in very handy. so glad i don’t need to log into another website too 🙂

  3. Claire de Larrinaga says :

    Hello Andrew,
    I was just reading your post again and I ‘m thinking : how do you do to follow blog that are not created under wordpress? Is that possible with wordpress app?

    • andrewdcook says :

      Hey Claire, I don’t think u can do it from the phone app, but u definitely can from a laptop. not sure of the steps as I’m on my phone at the mo, but have a dig around the on the website, I think it’s on the “Reader” page. lemme know if u can’t figure it out and I’ll have a look when i get home. hope that helps!

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